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*new here*

i'm sarah
i have an ED
i self injure
i've been in the mental hospital 2 times
o1. What kind of SI do you do? cutting, biting, scratching, starving, purgeing, salt and ice burn

o2. How long have you SI'ed? ummmm.....for like a year

o3. Whyd you start? to release something

o4. Are you trying to stop? not anymore

o5. Have you seeked medical attention? Yes

o6. What do you use when you SI? razors, salt and ice, my teeth, my fingers (purgeing) and not eating

o7. How many times a day/week do you usually SI? Everyday

o8. Does anyone know?Yep

o9. Do you try to hide it? If so, how? not really, i dont like hiding myself

1o. Name a few of your favorite bands: three days grace, flyleaf, taking back sunday, drowning pool, disturbed

11. Name some of your favorite songs: fully alive, pain, twenty twenty surgery, bodies, stupify

12. Favorite color(s)? Black, purple, pink, white

13. Anything else youd like to add: xx
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