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Here's the

o1. What kind of SI do you do?
cut and scratch
o2. How long have you SI'ed?
3 years
o3. Whyd you start?
shitty friends that dumped everything regardless on me, and didn't take notice though "attempted" to stop me si-ing
o4. Are you trying to stop?
sort of already did (i say sort of because i have a tendency to restart)
o5. Have you seeked medical attention?
uhm. no?
o6. What do you use when you SI?
mm.. a pen knife. i used to use some other stuff too
o7. How many times a day/week do you usually SI?
no real defined portion. when i feel depressed to a certain point, you know the bottom of the valley type of depression?
o8. Does anyone know?
o9. Do you try to hide it? If so, how?
yeahp. i dont cut in somewhere that's usually visible. which means, upper arm, thigh and i've tried stomach.
1o. Name a few of your favorite bands:
Linkin Park (who are NOT emo ><), mcfly, madina lake, my chemical romance
11. Name some of your favorite songs:
breaking the habit (linkin park), take it all away (puddle of mudd), star girl (mcfly), unlovable (darren hayes)
12. Favorite color(s)?
blue, dark green, white, maroon
13. Anything else youd like to add:
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