Dakari, I love you (vampyre_girl13) wrote in letme_bleed,
Dakari, I love you

o1. What kind of SI do you do? cutting, biteing
o2. How long have you SI'ed? about 9 months
o3. Whyd you start? i..i don't know, i had a bad break up and the next thing i new i was cutting
o4. Are you trying to stop? not really
o5. Have you seeked medical attention? i want to but im scared being only 15
o6. What do you use when you SI? razors
o7. How many times a day/week do you usually SI? alot sometimes then sometimes not at all
o8. Does anyone know? they think ive stopped
o9. Do you try to hide it? If so, how? yes long sleeves
1o. Name a few of your favorite bands: umm all country and 80's metal
11. Name some of your favorite songs:  dispossable teens  tear drops on my quitar
12. Favorite color(s)? black, red
13. Anything else youd like to add: umm im 15 and im really forgetful. i write stuff and can't remember writing it. im scared of how people treat me and the people that judge too easily.
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