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*Self Injury*
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This community is for anyone any age, sex, race, anyone at all who knows what its like to feel pain. Who'd rather hurt physical then emotional. When your having a bad day you come home from work/school knowing your razors there to help you through it. This community was created 10/21/04 and im hoping to get many members and we all support each other in different ways.

Dont advertise other communities in here.
When you post or comment dont use triggering icons. If asked to change your icon, then please do so.
When posting a picture use an LJ-cut (dont know how to do an LJ-cut? Look below) and add a warning
Theres 0% tolerance for any users to criticize what this community stands for
Any one can join. SI'ers, previous SI'ers, friends and family of SI'ers or just people interesting. DONT JOIN JUST TO BASH. YOU WILL AUTOMATICALLY BE BANNED AND YOUR ENTRY/COMMENT WILL BE DELETED.
You may give out your email address or screename to other members. But no phone numbers, addresses or anything like that (yeah you guys know)
You can talk about anything SI related here. Dont be afraid, we all understand what your going through

Hot lines and websites
Suicide Support

{suicide prevention} 1-800-827-7571
{national suicide hotline} 1-800-784-2433


Depression Support

{boys town} 1-800-448-3000
operates 24 hours
{national youth crisis} 1-800-442-4673
operates 24 hours
{national youth crisis hotline} 1-800-782-7335


Drug and Alcohol Support

{substance abuse treatment} 1-800-662-HELP
{narcotics anonymous} 1-800-763-9000
{alcohol and drug abuse crisis} 1-800-234-0420
operates 24 hours

Eating Disorder Support

{Eating Disorder Awareness/Prevention} 1-800-931-2237
{Renfrew Center} 1-800-736-3739


Abusive Relationships

{teenline} 1-800-522-8336


Child Abuse

{national child abuse} 1-800-792-5200
{child help} 1-800-422-4453
operates 24 hours


Runaway Support

{national runaway foundation} 1-800-621-4000
operates 24 hours
{national runaway} 1-800-231-6946
operates 24 hours


Pregnancy Support

{planed parenthood} 1-800-230-PLAN
{care net} 1-800-395-HELP
{birthright international} 1-800-550-4900


Self Injury Support

{don't cut} 1-800-366-8288

Fighting the urge

Carry safe things in my pockets as well as razor blades, knives, a lighter, whatever you use to self-injure... also anything that feels right to you. Maybe a picture of someone you trust. Those little stress relieving squeezing things, maybe those "silly slammers" even. Anything that makes you feel comfortable and safe.
Find something to do to keep both your hands and your brain occupied. You know those puzzles where you have to re-arrange the tiles into a whole picture? A fellow self-injurer told me about that one, and I tried it, and I think it works for me. .. I also have a game where the buttons light up, and you have to match the order that was given to you. The idea of being in control of something can help me get through the urges and shaky times.
Writing and journaling....is something I always recommend. If you are into writing, I would suggest short stories, essays, or poetry. Even free-writing is helpful. Sit down with a pen and paper, and write whatever comes to your mind. For those of you who have trouble writing, set a timer for about 10 or 20 minutes, and force yourself to write. Write about how you are feeling, just let lose. You may look back at it later, and then again you may not. But still, it is a terrific release for all those mixed emotions.
Making collages ...by going through old magazines and newspapers helped me a lot. I'm not very good at drawing, so I would make collages. Sometimes I would dedicate a notebook to just collages, and sometimes I would take my journals and decorate the front. This helps you take all your emotions and make something constructive out of it. I really like the collages I have made. Maybe you could make some and share them with me!!
Calling a friend and talking to them was something I must have done millions of times over. Sometimes I don't bring up the fact that I am having urges.. I just listen to them, or talk about work, my boyfriend, etc.. By talking to another human being, you can remind yourself that you are not alone, and that someone cares about you. It is also helpful to make a list of phone numbers of people you can trust. Post it somewhere where you will see it when having a crisis. I have 3 or 4 lists tacked around my house.
Remind yourself where you are. This is similar to keeping in reality when experiencing a flashback. Once again, get out that piece of paper and a pen, and write down everything you see around you, what you are touching, and so on. For example, 1) I am sitting on my bed, 2) My legs are touching my blanket, 3) The walls are blue 4) My ceiling is white 5) The time is 9:00pm etc. etc. etc.
Other Lists that can help are brainstorming ideas of things you like to do. I generally call this MY LIST OF 10 THINGS I LIKE TO DO. People who e-mail me for help know this list, because I have them do it if they are online and in a crisis. What you do is you get out that old familiar pen and paper, and write down 10 healthy things you like to do. For example, I would write down 1) read a book, 2) take a bath 3) watch TV 4) play piano 5) go to the movies, 6) pet my cat etc. etc. etc. until you have a list of 10 things. When you are in a crisis, take out this list, and go through from 1 to 10 until your urge has been minimized or is no longer there. Of course, things like going to the movies I couldn't do every time I had an urge, so I would have to skip it. If you get to 10 and find you still need to harm yourself, go back to 1 and start all over.
If you cut to see the blood, what a lot of people do is use a red washable marker and draw on yourself where you want to harm yourself. Some people find this triggering though, and cut themselves over the lines. If you find yourself cutting over the lines, then this particular method is not for you. However, if you cut to feel pain try putting a rubber band around your wrist or ankle, and snap it when you want to self-injure. This method is very convienent because you can wear the rubber band around your wrist wherever you go and can even quiet snap yourself on the bus or in a classroom if you need to.
When the urge has passed, if you are capapble, it is also helpful to go back and try to figure out what triggered your urge. By doing this, you can recognize sooner what the trigger is, how you feel when the trigger is starting to affect you, and then you can stop the urge before it comes.

Reasons people self injure
For Attention:
A lot of people self injure as a cry for help. They don't want people to pity them or scream in disgust or shock. People who diminish their behavior by saying "Oh s/he's just doing it for attention" only further the problem. Self injurers want you to know that
there is something wrong in their life, and that they need your help.

Anger Release:
Unfortunately, a lot of people who are dealing with deep anger issues will turn to self-injury. Unlike the attention seeker, these people are just letting out their anger in the safest way they know how. For example, an individual might believe hurting his/herself is better than harming the individual they hold anger towards.

I'm Ugly [or] I want to look less attractive:
Sometimes people hurt themselves because they think they are ugly, and are so angry with themselves for being ugly, that they use self-injury as a punishment. On the other hand, there are people who want to make themselves look less attractive. These people will walk around with the scars in visible areas, such as the face, arms (with no intention of hiding the marks) and legs (again, with no intention of hiding). This may be because of abuse issues, where the perpetrator told him/her constantly how pretty and beautiful s/he was, that they couldn't help themselves. Therefore, the victim believes that if s/he harms herself in a visible area, the wound and scar will make him/her look ugly so that the perpetrator will discontinue the abuse. Unfortunately, the abuser will probably never quit abusing until the crime is reported and the vicitm and perpetrator are separated.

There are many reasons a person may punish themselves through self injury. Abuse, constant put-downs, pressure may all result in self injurious acts. Afterwards, the individual may see the scars as a constant reminder of what they did, and feel stupid or ashamed for dealing in that way, and thus harm themselves again and again and again.

Control Issues:
Take an example of someone who is suffering in an abusive relationship, or has suffered from abuse in the past. In these and any situations, the abuse may be so controlling that the only thing left for the victim to control is his/her own body. The victim can control how much food to eat or even whether or not to harm the body. Tattoos, piercings, and scars are all visible marks that the person made which may never go away.

o1. What kind of SI do you do?
o2. How long have you SI'ed?
o3. Whyd you start?
o4. Are you trying to stop?
o5. Have you seeked medical attention?
o6. What do you use when you SI?
o7. How many times a day/week do you usually SI?
o8. Does anyone know?
o9. Do you try to hide it? If so, how?
1o. Name a few of your favorite bands:
11. Name some of your favorite songs:
12. Favorite color(s)?
13. Anything else youd like to add:

it doesnt matter what you wrote in the application. i just want to know more about my members, and im sure they want to know about you.